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Street Art in Africa

We’ve posted about Roa’s street art before, and now he has hit Gambia. Working with Wide Open Walls (W.O.W.), a project organized by Lawrence Williams, Roa traveled to the village of Kubuneh in Gambia, Africa. W.O.W.’s objective is to promote Gambia as a tourist destination while also presenting an astounding art installation that “WOW’s” the world.

I love how Roa has incorporated local animals into these pieces while still keeping his style.

via: unurthed


Nas and Damian Marley are united as distant relatives for a noble cause

Hip Hop luminary Nas and reggae royalty Damian Marley release their much anticipated collaboration, ‘Distant Relatives’ on May 18th. The two are not strangers to working together after Nas made an appearance on ‘Road to Zion’ a track from Marley’s album ‘Welcome to Jamrock. Nas told MTV News that the  collaboration arose from his recent projects in Africa: “We tryin’ to build some schools in Africa… and trying to build empowerment.”Much of the album was produced by Damian and Stephen Marley who also makes an appearance on ‘In His Own Words’ a track from the upcoming release .  Other collaborations include the Somalian Canadian artist K’Nann, Lil Wayne and Joss Stone. The album  involved recording with a live band both in L.A. and Miami.  The album provides more than just a message though with proceeds from the sale of album will go to building a school in the Congo