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Goods: Mini Redwoods

I want these! And if I wasn’t about to leave on a four month vacation, I would have already purchased them online.

These tiny trees are actually ancestors of the giant California redwood. Called Dawn redwood, they were thought to be extinct until the 1940s when one was discovered growing in a rice field in central China. In the Fall its leafy needles turn from green, to yellow, to copper, bringing the pageant of the changing seasons to your desk or kitchen window.

Source: Uncommon Goods


Check Out These Human Grass Sculptures

These growing grass sculptures change every time you see them. Made of soil and wheat seeds with a structure from recycled metal, they’re the creative work of mixed media artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy.

Mathilde calls this work: ça pousse! (it’s growing!)

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Source: My Modern Met

Furniture Grows Plants Inside

Many furniture brands claim to be “green” these days, but this table and stool set designed by Icelandic landscape architect Dagný Bjarnadóttir takes it to a whole new level. Furnibloom plexiglass furniture cleverly houses plants, spices, vegetables, or flowers for easy cultivation, and is perfect for aspiring gardeners who live in aparments lacking gardens and/or space!

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Source: Cool Hunting