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Jay Electronica signs on with Jay Z’s Roc Nation

On Friday Jay Z  officially announced the signing of New Orleans MC Jay Electronica to his Roc Nation label at a party at the Box in NYC. The hype around a possible Jay Electronica album had been going on for so long now that there were many around who thought perhaps it would never happen. This signing has to mean a step closer to one of the most long awaited debut albums in hip hop. He also debuted a new track entitled ‘The Announcement’ which features samples from John F Kennedy’s famed moon speech.  Listen to the track here as well as watch Jay Electronica’s performance at the event. This morning a link to another new track entitled ‘Shiny Suit Theory’ feat Jay Z was also posted to the web for our listening pleasure.  You can listen to that here.

Source: RapRadar


Kanye West Raps Over Loudspeaker on Delta Airlines Flight

It seems like Kanye is having trouble booking shows and getting people to listen to his ‘amazing skills’ on the mic. While on a flight recently he took matters into his own hands and gave the passengers an impromptu performance of ‘The Good Life’ and ‘Gold Digger’. He is a smart fellow though, no one can walk out of a performance mid-flight. He was also courteous enough to give the radio friendly edit as well, either that or he forgot how to say the ‘N’ word. Someone should have interrupted him and said, “Kanye that was a good in flight rap, but that air host who rapped the safety instructions on Southwest had the best in flight rap of all time!”

Source: 2dopeboyz

Watch Curren$y’s new video for ‘Michael Knight’

New Orleans MC Curren$y is about to release his latest album Pilot Talk on November 22nd a follow up to his release earlier this year entitled, you guessed it, Pilot Talk. This video was put together with production company Creative Control and features a ‘KIT’ car and some great imagery that shows off the directors creative vision. Loving New Orleans at the moment with Jay Electronica and Curren$y holding it down. They even freed Weezy!

Watch the video for ‘Windows’ from LA Hip Hop outfit U-N-I

New video from LA due U-N-I. Getting a little loved up on this one and perhaps into Mos Def croon territory.

New Blackberry Ad Starring Diplo and Shot With the Canon 5D

Blackberry already holds a huge share of the smart phone market, especially in the business sector where it still dominates the iPhone. It looks like they now have their sights set on the consumer ‘cool’ market as well. This new ad features non other than producer extraordinaire Diplo and was shot with the Canon 5D. Since Diplo dresses like he is going in for a day at the office perhaps he was the obvious choice for the crossover.

Bing Brings You Jay-Z’s Life ‘Decoded’

According to Mashable, Jay Z fans will be able to read pages from his new book, Decoded, this week. The book is not set to hit the shelves for another month, but fans will be able to find the pages in different locations on Bing, which will directly relate to the content from the book.

“Pages will be placed in locations related to the content, so that’s everything from high profile advertising like billboards to very very unique placements such as swimming pools and pool tables, and even high-fashion designer clothing racks,” says Lisa Gurry, a Bing spokeswoman and communications director.

This interactive marketing campaign was designed by creative agency Droga5 in conjunction with Bing and if sucessful, we could definitely see more of the same. Interestingly enough it looks like Bing is leveraging of Jay Z’s poularity to market itself as it struggles against Google for market share.

Read the full article here.

Source: Mashable

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Another amazing Flying Lotus video “Kill Your Co-Workers”


Check out this cool video from Fly Lo and if you like the animation then you can go here and download all the characters.

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