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Hermes Brings High Fashion and Finger Boarding Together

High Fashion Label Hermes has put together something quite unexpected, a skate video. Well in truth it is not so much a skate video but a fingerboarding video of all things. This incredibly stylish video is brilliantly conceived and well executed and is now one of my favourite skate videos of the year. Who would have thought that one of the ultimate time wasting guy game would ever reach such lofty heights.


Wooden Glasses

the 5kinny recently blogged about SUPER’s leather-bound spectacles, but I have just stumbled upon something even better! WOODEN GLASSES. Yes, wooden.

Schwood glasses are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon with sustainably-harvested wood, sourced from authorized and supervised plantations in different African countries. Prices start at $95 USD.

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Source: Doobybrain

Leather-Bound Sunglasses

Coming in Fall 2010, SUPER are releasing their flat top sunglasses as leather-bound spectacles. The new designs come in three colors of black, brown, and light brown. I’m sure these won’t come cheap, but I still want some!

SUPER have an online store, and also list their stockists here.

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Watches to watch out for in 2010

GQ Magazine recently released the second installment of their 2010 watch preview. While so many people reach for their blackberry or iPhone to tell the time when they are out and about, the watch has not become obsolete. A classic element of style, the watch is alive and kicking and has never looked so good. Check out the collection GQ has put together here. Some of my favourites from their list are featured in the slide show below.

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Sweet Romance by Sarah Seven

I recently stumbled across these beautiful dresses made by Sarah Seven and have fallen in love with her romantic designs.

Sarah Seven is an independent designer based in Portland, Oregon. Some of her inspiration comes from old Hollywood glamour, pearls, recycled fabrics, romance, nature and lace. Most of Sarah Seven’s dresses are custom order, which means she makes them to your exact measurements – so no need to fret about buying clothes off the internet then finding they don’t actually fit you (which I always do, time and time again. One day I’ll learn…)! Not only that, Sarah Seven can make a lot of her dresses in different colours – all you need to do is ask! She also has a wedding collection available with some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

By buying one of these dresses, you will not only be supporting an independent designer and owning an original, gorgeous piece of clothing, you will also be supporting two very good causes. Five percent of all Sarah Seven purchases go to the following charities – 3% to Compassion (to feed unsponsered children) and 2% to International Justice Mission (who fight to free slaves and to hold slave keepers accountable for their actions).

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Ace Hotels, the only cool hotel chain in America

Ace Hotels has to be the coolest hotel chain ever. Where else do you find a mural in the lobby made from 4000 NYC graffiti stickers, a Gibson guitar in your room awaiting inspiration or perhaps some classic vinyl and a record player? Where might you discover your room  decorated with a one of a kind mural put together by local artist and alongside your bed, a bedside table that upon closer inspection turns out to be a stack of vintage suitcases?  Where else would you see staff dressed in Spiewak coats, custom made Chuck Taylors and custom fitted shirts from L. Gambert? The answer? Nowhere else except one of the four Ace Hotels in Seattle, Portland, Palm Springs and NYC. Each hotel has been created to reflect the city it services and no detail has been too small to have attention paid to it. This hotel chain is so cool it even visited SXSW this year to create a special VIP space for performers. You can even check out their very own blog here.

Sneak a peak at Altru’s cool tees

I bought this  Altru tee a while back and I think it is pretty cool. It is so hard to find rad original shirts that aren’t owned by 5000 other people in the shops, and sites like Threadless are now so popular they are worse than Urban Outfitters. However instead of hiding this brand from people like a selfish hipster, I am going to do the honorable thing and share them with you. They can be a bit hit and miss but there definitely make some cool tees. Check out some of their tees here. Don’t buy this shirt though, it is mine!