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Street Art in Africa

We’ve posted about Roa’s street art before, and now he has hit Gambia. Working with Wide Open Walls (W.O.W.), a project organized by Lawrence Williams, Roa traveled to the village of Kubuneh in Gambia, Africa. W.O.W.’s objective is to promote Gambia as a tourist destination while also presenting an astounding art installation that “WOW’s” the world.

I love how Roa has incorporated local animals into these pieces while still keeping his style.

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Incredibly Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Maps


Karen O’Leary creates these incredibly detailed hand-cut maps from paper. Karen has created city maps for places all over the world from Vancouver to Paris to Singapore to Dublin.


“I love the idea of a completely familiar object made new and even more beautiful,” says O’Leary. “These maps reveal the density and delicacy of a modern city with a single element and infinite subtleties.”

San Francisco


Purchase your own map, handcrafted by Karen, here.

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Source: Illusion 360

Check Out These Human Grass Sculptures

These growing grass sculptures change every time you see them. Made of soil and wheat seeds with a structure from recycled metal, they’re the creative work of mixed media artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy.

Mathilde calls this work: ça pousse! (it’s growing!)

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Video of things being smashed in slow motion

The title says it all really. Very cool video.

Tempus II by Philip Heron.

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Abstract tattoos pushing the concept of body art

Amanda Wachob has been tattooing for around 12 years and currently works out of Dare Devil Tattoo in NYC.  Her style is highly unique and goes a long way towards further blurring the lines between skin and canvas. You can view more of her work on her webpage.

Source: Ink Butter

Switch up your Krylon cans for knitting needles and go yarn bombing.

Viva La Gong knit tree by grrl+dog

Apparently there is a new form of street art emerging that even your granny would approve of. You won’t see yarn bombers spraying up a burner on a train carriage but they might knit a brightly covered cosy and wrap it around lamp post. Check out more Yarn Bombing at these Flickr sites Yarn Bombing DIY, Urban Knitting and Guerilla Knitting

Surprise for my neighbour by kwiatkowa

Kallio kukkii by Knittapotkyloita

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Roa’s Animal Street Art

With the release of the new Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, the world seems to be abuzz with an interest in street art. Belgian street artist Roa has been around for awhile now, but his work seems to be getting a lot more plugs of late.

This piece in Shoreditch, London is just one of many pieces that are popping up around the UK and Europe. Looked at from one angle you see a furry rabbit and from the other the creature’s insides.

Roa has also done this cool ‘Rabbit Decay’ piece that you can view in the time lapse video below.

If you’re in NYC you can check out Roa’s show at Factory Fresh until the end of May.

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