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Flavor Flav goes head to head with Colonel Sanders and opens ‘Flav’s Fried Chicken’ in Iowa

Just when you thought that Flavor Flav ‘s foray into the reality TV world with ‘Flavor of Love’, was about the peak of personal branding gone horribly wrong, Flav has come up with new idea that not only tops it but jumps all over it and kicks it out the back door. You guessed it, um maybe not, Flav has gone into the fried chicken business! Of course the transition from rap royalty to reality show star to fried chicken store owner seemed like a natural progression for Flav. However, for the rest of us who may have experienced the wincing awkwardness of  any of  ‘Flavor of Love’s’ episodes, it is just another bizarre step in the living caricature that is the life of Flavor Flav’s. According to Billboard Flav has at some stage gained a culinary degree and has restaurant experience. Perhaps he has worked the fryers before and knows the Colonel’s secret recipe. Whatever the case, you can get it while it’s hot and dripping in fat at Flav’s Fried Chicken opening Monday in Clinton, Iowa.


Watch ‘Way Back Home’ – A visually stunning mountain bike street trials video feat. Danny MacAskill

We recently impressed and posted a free running video from London, that not only showcased the free runners skills but was also visually spectacular. Now today I came across this video which perhaps even tops that. Danny MacAskill is a street trials rider who is based in Edinburgh but who was originally from the Isle of Skye. This short film entitled ‘Way Home’, documents Danny’s journey as he rides at various spots along the way from Edinburgh to his home town Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye . The scenery, music and story really lift this piece and Danny MacAskill’s riding speaks for itself. The video was sponsored by Red Bull and you can read more about it here.

Incredible Free Running Video

This is possibly the best free running video I have seen. Shot beautifully and showing some stunning skills and balls of steel to match.

Jay Electronica signs on with Jay Z’s Roc Nation

On Friday Jay Z  officially announced the signing of New Orleans MC Jay Electronica to his Roc Nation label at a party at the Box in NYC. The hype around a possible Jay Electronica album had been going on for so long now that there were many around who thought perhaps it would never happen. This signing has to mean a step closer to one of the most long awaited debut albums in hip hop. He also debuted a new track entitled ‘The Announcement’ which features samples from John F Kennedy’s famed moon speech.  Listen to the track here as well as watch Jay Electronica’s performance at the event. This morning a link to another new track entitled ‘Shiny Suit Theory’ feat Jay Z was also posted to the web for our listening pleasure.  You can listen to that here.

Source: RapRadar

Hermes Brings High Fashion and Finger Boarding Together

High Fashion Label Hermes has put together something quite unexpected, a skate video. Well in truth it is not so much a skate video but a fingerboarding video of all things. This incredibly stylish video is brilliantly conceived and well executed and is now one of my favourite skate videos of the year. Who would have thought that one of the ultimate time wasting guy game would ever reach such lofty heights.

Kanye West Raps Over Loudspeaker on Delta Airlines Flight

It seems like Kanye is having trouble booking shows and getting people to listen to his ‘amazing skills’ on the mic. While on a flight recently he took matters into his own hands and gave the passengers an impromptu performance of ‘The Good Life’ and ‘Gold Digger’. He is a smart fellow though, no one can walk out of a performance mid-flight. He was also courteous enough to give the radio friendly edit as well, either that or he forgot how to say the ‘N’ word. Someone should have interrupted him and said, “Kanye that was a good in flight rap, but that air host who rapped the safety instructions on Southwest had the best in flight rap of all time!”

Source: 2dopeboyz

Watch Curren$y’s new video for ‘Michael Knight’

New Orleans MC Curren$y is about to release his latest album Pilot Talk on November 22nd a follow up to his release earlier this year entitled, you guessed it, Pilot Talk. This video was put together with production company Creative Control and features a ‘KIT’ car and some great imagery that shows off the directors creative vision. Loving New Orleans at the moment with Jay Electronica and Curren$y holding it down. They even freed Weezy!