Sony pulls the plug on the iconic Walkman

The first Walkman went on sale back in 1979 and inspired a generation of portable music devices. However Sony has finally decided to put an end to production of the product, except for a small amount in China. Seriously though, I kind of assumed they stop making them years ago. Can you even buy cassettes anymore? How about cassingles? I have owned a couple of Walkmans in my time and to me it was all about the sports model. Maybe it was that sturdy looking chunk of a body that would instantly drag your pants to the ground if you tried to use the belt clip, or maybe it was the super cool bright canary yellow colour or maybe it was even the anti-shock mechanism that would supposedly stop the tape jumping while you were running with the Walkman, while holding onto your pants so they wouldn’t fall down. Either way all that is gone now, RIP Walkman.


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