Tiny Gingerbread House for Your Mug

I recently laid eyes on these cute little gingerbread houses that rest of the edge of your mug of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any hot beverage! I’m not even that into gingerbread and I still think they’re amazing.

You can find directions here on how to make your own little houses. I think they would also work with a shortbread mixture too. Can someone bake/assemble/send some to me? Thanks!

Posted by Kristen.

Source: Not Martha


2 responses to “Tiny Gingerbread House for Your Mug

  • Ewa

    Perfect, now I know how to make next Christmas a bit newer! I love that little house ;o) The normal Swedish Christmas ginger house is big and hard to place and gets dusty real quick, and to be honest I never made them and were happy with the result. But these little queties we just will eat right away! Perfect!

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