Winners of ‘Best Photographer 2009’

Portrait 1st Place, Alexei Sorokin – “Beauty”

BestBookmarks has just announced  all winners of their ‘Best Photographer 2009’. 14,500 works were submitted by 2000 photographers from 29 different countries. There are 12 professional categories and 10 for amateurs as well as awards within categories such as ‘Photo of the Year’ and ‘Discovery of the Year’. There is nothing like looking at stunning photographs to inspire you to get out and start shooting.

Animalistic Shooting, 2nd place, Dmitry Monastery – “Morning dragonfly”

Still Life, 1st Place, Marina Volodko – “On the fragility”

Architecture, 1st Place, Alexander Petrosyan – “Suspension bridge in St. Petersburg”

Animalistic Shooting, 3rd place, Dmitry Utkin – “Chudy-Yuda”

Genre Shooting, 3rd place, Cyril Ponomarev – “Dream”

Check out all the winners here

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