Listen to Tame Impala’s new album ‘Innerspeaker’

In what seems to be becoming a trend in album releases, Australia’s psychadlic rock trio Tame Impala have made their new album ‘Innerspeaker’ available for free via live stream prior to it’s release date on June 8th.

The second wave of psychadelia is definitely in full swing and I once again have been left behind..sigh. Indie kids who last year were wearing trucker caps, fake vintage tees and skinny jeans have now grown their hair long and sport John Lennon glasses, loose cotton shirts, vests and birkenstocks. Next they will be smoking organic rollies and drinking mead and discovering the Grateful Dead. God I never thought I would see the day when hippies became well…hip.  On the upside perhaps this will lead to an influx of really good acid and lots of  ‘free love’.

You can take a listen to the new Tame Impala album here

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