I have a Polaroid camera that I don’t use nearly as much as I should. Photographs like this make me feel so guilty that it spends so much time sitting in the little wicker basket on the bookshelf. Note to self: take more Polaroids.

I love this set by Melbourne (currently Paris) photographer Hana Davies. Creating photo collages of old-school Polaroids, she recreates interesting scenes in a nostalgic way. Using this method, she creates a flurry of movement, enabling us to use our minds to fill in the blanks.

Posted by Kristen Wehlow.


2 responses to “Connect-a-Polaroid

  • Cal

    I’ve been wanting to use my dad’s polaroid lately! But is the film discontinued? There’s this girl on our flickr acct at work that has such beautiful/atmospheric polaroid pics, and inspired me!

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