Dreams From My Head, Above My Bed

How cool would it be if all your dreams were stored in lanterns above your bed? Then, after waking up, you could look at them in full detail.

Can You Remember My Dream was created by Canadian artist Julia Hepburn. A single bed is placed at an angle at the center of the dark room, set upon a large nest of twigs. Above, a series of lanterns hang from the branches of four slender trunks that stand in for bedposts. The lanterns not only provide a warm glow, they contain beautifully intricate dioramas that tell the stories of the sleeper’s dream.

“The imagery in the piece is intended to walk the line between the light-hearted and uncomfortable, and as a result can be interpreted any number of ways according to the participants wishes,” says Hepburn. “The goal of the work is to create an environment where viewers feel they have entered into a stolen moment, and they are encouraged to become voyeurs of the most intimate kind.”

Posted by Kristen Wehlow.


One response to “Dreams From My Head, Above My Bed

  • Cal

    Oh my gosh, that is so intricate! Wow! I’m always drawn towards trees/twigs/natural forms like that.

    I just hope the branches don’t snap and fall on your head while you’re sleeping, but I guess it’s more art than practical. 🙂

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