Fun Times Ahead for the Prisoners of Norway

Opened at the start of April, Norway’s Halden prison is definitely not a facility you would imagine houses criminals. This is a very modern facility and even boasts several humorous pieces of art reminiscent of Banksy. All cells have flat screen TVs and ensuite bathrooms (I don’t even have that in my apartment!) and some kind of view, which are not obstructed by iron bars on the window. If it weren’t for the 1.3km-long and 6m-high wall surrounding the compound and the locks on the doors, you may at times forget this is a high security prison.

The prison occupies 300 acres of land just a few kilometres from the Swedish border and will be home to 252 inmates (the second largest in Norway), and will employ some 300 people. The brand new facilities include a gym, training room, sound studio, chapel, library, workshops, a football pitch and a school.

This video shows more of the facility. It’s in Norwegian, so I’m not entirely sure what they’re saying.

Posted by Kristen Wehlow.


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