Sniffable Chocolate

Is this the perfect solution for the chocolate addiction you’ve developed over Easter? Breathable chocolate!

No, I’m not hallucinating – this stuff actually exists! Apparently it is supposed to curb your cravings, without all the calories. I don’t know if I would use it, but it sure is an interesting concept!

Oh, and coffee-holics… it also comes in “coffee” form.

“When you inhale, the particles immediately react with your taste buds, so you get this intense taste for less than one calorie” says Harvard University biomedical engineering professor David Edwards, PhD, who worked with a team of students and a chef to develop Le Whif.

Le Whif has sold over 60,000 tubes of breathable chocolate over the past nine months, and the company will start producing roughly 100,000 tubes a week starting April. Le Whif’s global operations manager Thomas D. Hadfield said that the company plans to launch new flavors this year and hopes to produce an inhalable three-course meal in the indefinite future.

Posted by Kristen Wehlow.


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