Lupe Fiasco lifts the lid on All City Chess Club

Grammy award winner Lupe Fiasco lifted the lid via Twitter on what might to be a tasty new hip hop collective. Lupe tweeted ‘This is ALL CITY CHESS CLUB fyi: Asher Roth, B.o.B, The Cool Kids, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Diggy, J. Cole, Wale and Lupe Fiasco.’ How this might play out in terms of future releases and collaborations if any, is anyone’s guess. Currently Lupe makes an appearance on ‘Pass My Shades’, a single from B.o.B’s debut album, B.o.B presents: The adventures of Bobby Ray. The Cool Kids are also set to show their wares on the official remix of ‘I’m Beaming’. Lupe’s own album ‘Lasers’ is set for release around mid May this year, and you can catch him soon as he sets out and about on his ‘Steppin Lasers‘ tour with B.o.B in tow.

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