Sweet Romance by Sarah Seven

I recently stumbled across these beautiful dresses made by Sarah Seven and have fallen in love with her romantic designs.

Sarah Seven is an independent designer based in Portland, Oregon. Some of her inspiration comes from old Hollywood glamour, pearls, recycled fabrics, romance, nature and lace. Most of Sarah Seven’s dresses are custom order, which means she makes them to your exact measurements – so no need to fret about buying clothes off the internet then finding they don’t actually fit you (which I always do, time and time again. One day I’ll learn…)! Not only that, Sarah Seven can make a lot of her dresses in different colours – all you need to do is ask! She also has a wedding collection available with some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

By buying one of these dresses, you will not only be supporting an independent designer and owning an original, gorgeous piece of clothing, you will also be supporting two very good causes. Five percent of all Sarah Seven purchases go to the following charities – 3% to Compassion (to feed unsponsered children) and 2% to International Justice Mission (who fight to free slaves and to hold slave keepers accountable for their actions).

Posted by Kristen Wehlow.


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