Lost when it comes to Lost?

The cult TV series that boasts more twists than Rapunzel’s plait is in its final season. Yes, they are finally going to wrap it all up and try and come up with a plausible  explanation and conclusion for five series and 5,000 subplots, good luck with that.  You may have already been watching the final season or as quite a few people seem to be doing, waiting until it finishes so they can pirate the full season off the net and watch it in one last Lost marathon. If you haven’t the foggiest what the hell has been going on for the last 5 seasons, and you are not the type of person to religiously watch all 5 seasons back to back on one long weekend, with the aid of a carton of red bull and 5 packs of cigarettes, then I have the answer. In 8:15 you can watch the recap of all recaps and just like that you will be up to speed, easy.


One response to “Lost when it comes to Lost?

  • KristenWehlow

    So after only watching season one of Lost and now watching the new FINAL season on tv, I am totally “lost”. Every 10 seconds I’m asking “who’s that?”, “why did he do that?”, “didn’t he die?”.

    I thought watching this little snippet would bring me up to speed.

    But no, I’m more confused than ever…

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